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We Write about Culture and Art, Celebrating their Beauty and Richness.

Launched in 2012

In 2021, Bardia launched Civilisable, driven by his passion for global cultures and the arts. However, he had started creating social pages dedicated to art and culture back in 2006. In 2012, Bardia deepened his commitment to cultural pursuits by founding a publishing firm, Art And ALL, located in Rome, Italy.

Meet Our Team

Bardia Azizi


Bardia Azizi owns an Publishing firm in Rome, Italy. He’s captivated by architecture and interiors and has a strong passion for photography, particularly in Rome, where he resides.

His love for traveling across Europe and the world, coupled with his affinity for street photography, gave rise to His time is skillfully divided between managing his publishing company, pursuing street photography, and producing videos for

Negin Amani

Publishing Manager

Negin Amani, our skilled Publishing Manager and Head of Content Editors, ensures the harmonious orchestration of our content strategy and the excellence of our editorial team.

Mahshar Ghasemieh


Mahshar Ghasemieh is a Child Development Specialist, Relationship Consultant, and Fashion Consultant. She co-founded the Art and All Group and serves as the Managing Editor for

Parmida Azizi


Parmida Azizi , our Head of Writers, is a Dubai-based business development manager and interior designer with over a decade of experience at Art And ALL Company. She now oversees the writers at

Sara Torabi


Sara Torabi, our Cultural Traditions Category wordsmith, is not only an English language scholar but also an enthusiastic explorer of the world’s myriad cultures.

Parivin Mohamadi


Parivin Mohamadi, our in-house writer for the Travel and Photography category, blends English language expertise with a deep passion for photography and research.

Azadeh Safi


Azadeh Safi, our dedicated in-house writer for the Art and Architecture category, has a profound passion for the world of art and architecture, infusing her work with a deep appreciation for the global cultural heritage.

Sahar Khani

Social Network Manager & Content Editor

Sahar KHani, our Architecturally-Inspired Content Editor and Social Network Manager, draws from her background in architecture to infuse a distinctive touch into our creative endeavors.

Shabnam Nobakht


Shabnam Nobakht is our dedicated writer in the Cultural Attractions and Neighborhoods category, infusing her work with a deep appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of the world.